Our bath salts
your link with nature

When you come home and the only thing you dream of  is a moment for yourself to relax don’t look any further but pick one of our bath salts. Immerse in water with our great bath salts. You will find relax, calm, warmth and invigoration. A combination of aromatic scents from various essential oils and floral petals – will pamper you by working on your senses, enveloping the body with a pleasant feeling.

Luxury body products

Our natural salts are made only of plant and mineral ingredients. Due to the richness of ingredients contained, they are a must-have element of your aromatic treatment baths. Your skin gets moisturized and firm, and your power levels are restored. Also it’s easier to have a proper, healthy sleep at a bedtime.

The basis of our mixtures are natural varieties of Himalayan and Dead Sea salts. The former contains 84 minerals with extremely valuable and skin-nourishing properties. The latter salt in turn, stimulates blood circulation in the skin,  it can reduce cellulite and it does smooth the skin.

Effective action of bath salts

Our bath salts differ in terms of composition and individual properties. Bath salts with pine and abies oils will provide you with an opportunity to take a deep breath in a coniferous forest. Bath salts with lavender oil will help you to fall asleep, whereas refreshing bath salt will boost your energy levels. Rose bath salts will be will be perfect for a luxurious sensual bath. Cinnamon and clove bath salts will be excellent during cool evenings. Oriental salts will transport you to the mystical Far East, whereas Jasmine one will improve blood circulation. On top of that our salts contain beautiful flower petals that are joy to behold. 

The relaxation you deserve

A bath before bedtime is the best way to fall asleep in a natural way, and natural ingredients ensure safety of treatments based on our products.

Create your home SPA with our unique bath salts. You can also discover our products at SPAs and hotels, which offer our aromatic baths as a part of a whole body treatments.


Forest bath salt
Relax in a coniferous forest. Like a breath of a fresh air.
Refreshing bath salt
Refreshing bath salt is a relaxing and cleansing proposition to boost your energy and restore good mood.
Rose bath salt
Rose bath salt is a luxurious relaxation and calming for our body and senses.
Warming bath salt
Warming bath salt is a pleasant and relaxing bath for cooler evenings.
Relaxing bath salt
Relaxing bath salt relaxes and soothes our body and soul.
Oriental bath salt
Oriental bath salt is an extraordinary pleasure for our senses.
Jasmine bath salt
Jasmine bath salt with orange blossom is a relaxing journey to the land of the Far East.