They effectively exfoliate and at
the same time delight with
the richness of plant and ingredients.

Safe, natural composition

Our cosmetics are distinguished by a purity of their composition – they are made only of natural products. They are safe for the skin with no chemical and artificial additives. Our products can be applied to all skin types.

Alluring aromas of essential oils

The composition of each cosmetic scrub offered by us  includes natural essential oils that provide a unique fragrance during home treatment or at hotel SPA. Due to their aromatherapeutic properties, they relax you during the treatment.  Your body will be relieved of tensions when you use the scrub on your skin, and your mind will rest, focusing on a pleasant sensual experience. Citrus, mint, pine, cinnamon – clove or maybe a feel of little black coffee – what kind of fragrance will you choose for yourself?

Various functions of our cosmetics

The basic function of every body scrub is to exfoliate dead epidermis, which makes the skin cleansed and moisturized, stimulated to produce a new layer. Our natural artifacts, due to the presence of different active ingredients, can serve different purposes. Thus mojito and lime sugar body scrubs refresh, pine and abies salt body scrub regenerates, whereas amber sugar body scrub has some firming properties.

Thanks to the regular use of our cosmetics as part of daily care, your skin will become refreshed, regenerated, smooth and toned, and you will look more beautiful. However, we hope that our salt and sugar scrubs will not only allow you to achieve a satisfactory effect in terms of skin condition and appearance, but will also move your mind to a land full of intriguing fragrances, eye-catching colors, and beautiful nature.

Try our cosmetic artifacts and feel beautiful every day!


Rose petal salt body scrub
A rose touch of luxury ...
Pine & abies salt body scrub
Breathe deep in a pine forest ...
Mojito sugar body scrub
Mint refreshment based on cane sugar.
Lime sugar body scrub
A joyful and fresh citrus moment.
Irish coffee sugar body scrub
For lovers of little black ...
Cinnamon and clove salt body scrub
Warms the body and soul
Jasmine salt body scrub
A subtle kiss of jasmine flowers ...
Amber sugar body scrub with algae, mandarin and vanilla
Dance of mandarin and vanilla on amber ...